Diving Systems Technician - Foundation Level


Course Code: 505

Start Date: NA
Course Fees: £1250
Duration: 5 days

Diving Systems Technician - Foundation Level

The course includes

Roles responsibilities and duties of the Dive Technician
Career Structure
Understanding of Diving Physics, Boyles, Daltons, Henrys, Charles Laws
IMCA Code of Practice
Working in the offshore environment
IMCA design and record keeping
Stock Control
Basic Diving Systems, SCUBA, SSDE Air, SSDE Nitrox, SSDE Mixed Gas, Sat Diving Medicine, Gas Toxicity, Decompression Illness
Gas production Equipment
Divers Environmental Protection
Oxygen Safety and Handling
Basic divers control panel
Helmets and Umbilicals
Gas analysis equipment
Gas distribution equipment
Project equipment, Hydratights, Air & Hydraulic Tools, Cutting / Welding Equipment

At the completion of the foundation course there is a written examination, requiring a 60% pass mark

Whilst this foundation course gives the basic understanding of diving operations, the candidate must remember that if planning on working in the offshore environment the following IMCA prerequisites also apply.

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