IMCA Membership Support


Interdive can assist diving contractors throughout the world, providing specialist personnel to assist the diving contractor through the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) offshore diving contractor membership process. This includes but is not be limited to a full review of their offshore diving safety management system, diving manual, company policies, diving system operating and emergency procedures, diving medical support and a survey of their existing equipment.

The initial stage of scope of work is in the form of an audit to assess whether the diving contractors systems currently in place, comply with the requirements of IMCA guidance for offshore diving operations.

On completion of the audit a report will be provided along with recommendations and guidance required to meet IMCA requirements as an offshore diving contractor against IMCA D014 International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving Operations.

A further scope of work can then be agreed with the client and completed to ensure the diving contractor has the capacity and capability in terms of its systems and controls to carry out offshore diving operations as per current industry best practices and the award of IMCA membership

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