Technical Auditing


Ensuring that a diving or ROV system complies with all required legislation is essential for diving companies to operate to the safest possible standards. It can be challenging with working across international boarders and for a range of clients each with their personal requirement's of what constitutes compliance to achieve the legal standard whilst at the same time meeting the expectations of the client.


Interdive have been involved through the development for global legislation at all tier levels, from inshore to offshore through to the client requirements.

We have developed unique auditing tools that allow us to provide the client with user friendly guidance on how to ensure compliance and success during client audits and thus an improved tender to award rate.

Interdive shall ensure that each audit carried out is as per the client’s specific requirements as well as in accordance with guidance documentation agreed by the industry to carry out technical audits such as:

  • IMCA D023 DESIGN for surface orientated (air) diving systems
  • IMCA D024 DESIGN for saturation (bell) diving systems
  • IMCA D037 DESIGN for surface supplied mixed gas diving systems
  • IMCA D040 DESIGN for mobile/portable surface supplied systems
  • IMCA R006 Standard ROV Audit Document
  • Any required O and G upstream practice
  • South African DOL
  • Regional requirement across the USA

All Audits shall be reported back to the client in an easy to follow interactive report format. Clearly detailing what changes have to be made for the system to comply. If required, Interdive technicians can implement the changes on the clients behalf.

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