Saturation Diving Systems Technician


Course Code: 506

Start Date: NA
Duration: 5 Days

The course is designed to give candidates an understanding of the systems used in commercial diving operations operating with surface supplied diving equipment and using Air, Nitrox or Mixed Gas as a breathing medium. The course includes: -

Roles responsibilities and duties of the Dive Technician

Career Structure

Review of Diving Physics, Boyles, Daltons, Henrys, Charles Laws & Archimedes Principle

IMCA Code of Practice

Working in the offshore environment

IMCA design and record keeping

Diving Systems, SSDE Air, SSDE Nitrox, SSDE Mixed Gas

Diving Control Panel, Design & Construction

Gauges, Types, Standards of Accuracy, Testing, Calibration, Record Keeping

Gauge Testing and Calibration Practical Session

Diving Helmets, Types of Helmet, Routine Maintenance, Inspection and Testing

Umbilical’s, Types of Umbilical, Routine Maintenance, Inspection and Testing

Umbilical Maintenance Practical Session

Deck Decompression Chambers, Design Features, Fire Safety

Mobilising a portable SSDE system

Practical Session, Cylinder Inspection

Compressor Systems, Compressor operation, Cylinder Charging

Lifting Equipment, Man Riding Winches, Wet Bells and Baskets, Rigging Equipment

Project Equipment

Air and Gas Filtration, Gas purity testing & standards

At the completion of the Air Diving Technician course there is a written Interdive examination, requiring a 70% minimum pass mark.

Pre-requisites for entry to this course are as follows: -

Interdive Dive Technician - Foundation Course

Any Approved Commercial or Military Surface Supplied diving qualification

IMCA Dive Technician qualification with minimum of 50 days offshore

Whilst this Dive Technicians course gives the detailed understanding of Surface Supplied Air and Mixed Gas diving operations, the candidate must remember that if planning on working in the offshore environment the following IMCA prerequisites also apply: -

Job Category: Dive Technician D12

Entry Level Qualifications Acceptance Criteria

Detailed knowledge of one or more of the following fields is preferential in electrical, mechanical or hydraulic engineering, to be obtained. Pre-requisites for entry to this course are as follows: -

Through a trade qualification

Valid training/competence certificate OR

Through advanced academic education Documentary proof of qualification(s)

Through experience and qualification in a military environment Military service qualification

Through extensive experience in previous employment Industrial experience reference(s)

It must also be remembered that it is the Diving Contractor who issues a certificate of competence to the individual Dive Technician, once the following have been successfully conducted: -

The IMCA qualifying time of 150 days offshore working on diving systems has been achieved and correctly recorded in the technician’s logbook.


Current valid certificate Employer company familiarisation training carried out and assessed as complete.

Successful completion of the Dive Technician competencies as laid down in Section D12 of the IMCA C003 Rev 3 2016 Diving Competency Tables.

Please note: The competency assessments are carried out on the job by the employing company.

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