KMDSI Helmet & Bandmask Servicing


Course Code: 502

Start Date:
19/12/2020 Torquay, UK (Follows on from Air Technician Course)
Course Fees: £1200
Duration: 3 days
Kirby Morgan Diving Helmet Technician Training
Our Kirby Morgan trained and authorized technician instructors, can provide technician training on all Kirby Morgan Products. This is a 3 day course which provides both theoretical and practical training.
The course is intended to instruct technicians and users of Kirby Morgan equipment how to perform routine/corrective maintenance and overhauls, following the Kirby Morgan recommended instructions and checklists,  Which can include the following
KM17 a&b, KM17c, KM17k, KMB 18 & 28, SL27, SL37, SL37SS, SL 47,SL 77,SL 97
Please note we no longer provide training on the following products, EXO 26, Superflow 450 regulator, SL 57.
Following successful course completion candidates will receive a Dive Lab Inc certificate and qualification card.
Course certificate is valid for three years
Technician Course does not include insert, fiberglass, or gel coat repairs
Further training courses for technical personnel are available such as:-
  • Dive Techncians Foundation Course
  • Air Diving Systems Technician
  • Saturation Diving Systems Technician
  • Cylinder inspection
  • Control Panel Design
We can also offer companies a diving technician competence assessment programme to allow them to comply with the requirements of IMCA C003 sections D10,D11 & D12.
Please contact us for details of any of the courses on offer or if you have specific training requirements

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