IMCA Diver Medic Training

ico medical

Course Code: 201

Start Date: NA
Duration: 10 Days

Course Details

This course is IMCA approved for commercial diving operations worldwide. The course is very intensive and includes both theory and practical scenarios using our hyperbaric closed bell & chamber simulators. Our courses place emphasis on practical skills and competence. This course is mandatory for diving supervisors working in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and a requirement for at least 2 Diver Medics on air and mixed gas/saturation diving sites under the IMCA Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for commercial diving operations. 

Resuscitation and Oxygen use.
Unconscious patient
Minor illness
Inhalation of hot gases and smoke
Hygiene & wounds
Dressing & immobilization
Transportation (including helicopter)
First aid kits
Communication in emergencies
Record keeping.

Certification valid for 2 years.

IMCA certificates will only be issued to candidates holding IMCA recognised and approved diver accreditation as listed on IMCA Information Note D01/18.

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