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Non Destructive Testing Courses

Non Destructive testing is used in the onshore & offshore industries in order to ascertain whether a component is able to perform its designed task safely. Statutory insurance & certification companies also need to know that the structure is reliable & safe.

In the case of offshore platforms, this can be very costly in terms of loss of life or the platform itself, in the event of failure. The most common method for underwater inspection is to use divers or ROV's (or both).

The personnel involved require a sound knowledge of the appropriate technique as well as what to look for and how to interpret the information. The operator needs to be sure the inspector is competent so various schemes are available which ensure the standard of inspector.

The common certification of inspectors is by a recognised certification body.

The course covers basic inspection techniques including visual inspection, still photography & video surveys, CP and UT measurements, electro-magnetic crack detection (MPI), Marine growth, cleaning, grinding, weld processes & inspection, FMD, corrosion monitoring & reporting. A written examination plus practical assessment is carried out by an assessor at the end of the course.

Non destructive Testing Courses Include

Course Title Duration
400 7 days
401 10 days
405 1 day
Diver Training
Diver Training
Diver Training
Diver Training
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commercial diver training courses