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IMCA Assistant Life Support Technician

Course Code: 306
The term LIFE SUPPORT TECHNICIAN has been chosen as being descriptive of the wide range of duties and responsibilities undertaken by these personnel. Other terms such as Chamber Operator, Rack Operator or Panel Operator are used by some companies. Whilst these are based on the accepted position in the North Sea, they apply equally in other parts of the world.

Divers holding an IMCA recognised closed bell diving qualification who completed diver training prior to 1 November 2006 can be appointed assistant LSTs. Closed bell divers who trained after 1 November 2006 must pass the training establishment Assistant Life Support Technician examination before they can be appointed assistant LSTs'

Before being sent offshore as an Assistant LST, all other entrants must

a. undergo an IMCA approved basic course to the Terminal Objectives set down by IMCA either at a training school or in a company,


b. produce documentary evidence of satisfactorily completing such a course.

An Assistant LST must not be allowed to carry out any tasks unless properly supervised.

After working for at least 2400 logged panel hours as an Assistant LST, a person may be nominated by his company to sit the IMCA theory examination (Module 3). Closed bell divers with IMCA recognised certificates who have sat and passed an Assistant Life Support Technician examination set by an approved training establishment would only be required to log 360 panel hours, provided that they produce signed log books verifying their diving experience and have demonstrated competence as an offshore closed bell diver in accordance with IMCA C 003 Rev.1 (Competence Assurance & Assessment).

Passing the IMCA Module 3 examination will indicate that an Assistant LST has the basic theoretical knowledge necessary for promotion to LST, but he should only be promoted if his company is satisfied as to his competence in accordance with the provisions of the IMCA Competence Assurance & Assessment Scheme.
NOTE: At least half the required panel hours should have been obtained within the preceeding 2 years of the application to sit the examination.
Duration: 10 days
Eligibility: Speak, read, write English. Reasonable standard of Mathematics.
Minimum Age: 18 years
Course Fees: £1100

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